Viroqua Hills Flashback

As we prepare for the TRGA's second event of the season, allow me to go back in my personal time machine.

Almost 18 years ago my wife's doctor said "Jim there's no way the baby will be born this weekend. Probably not for another two or three weeks"  "Go play the tournament in Viroqua. I'll be fine!"  So I said "Ok I'll play!"

So in the days before cell phones, I had a wonderful time at Viroqua Hills.  Then, suddenly as I lined up a birdie putt on the 17th green, the beverage cart woman, looking distressed, pulled up beside the green and blurted out "Are you Jim Socha?"  "Yes I am" I said.  "What's wrong?"

She pulled out a note written on what appeared to be a hamburger wrapper. She said she had a message. "YOUR WIFE'S IN LABOR BUT IT'S UP TO YOU."

"What do you mean it's up to me?" I said.

"I'm just reading the hamburger wrapper" she replied. Your wife is in labor but its up to you!."

So at that point I made a decision that got me nominated for Husband/Father of the Year.

I played the 18th hole in record time, turned in my scorecard and raced to the hospital in LaCrosse.

Ellie Socha was born about 4 hours after I arrived.  Had I known that, I would have spent more time lining up each of my 4 putts on the 18th green!

I'm anxious to hear your stories after a great day at Viroqua Hills.

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