Those Player Feedback Forms; what happens to them?

Let's talk about the player feedback form. You might want to know how the form was created and what happens to the form you fill out at each event. Two years ago a golfer who is passionate about golf in our area developed an idea that would assist everyone involved in the TRGA. He surveyed TRGA championship flight players and other well-experienced tournament players in the area, and we collaborated to compile two categories of elements that make a golf tournament successful. The first category is essential course preparation for tournament play. The second is a reasonable expectation of services. The information gathered was put into the form of an evaluation; (1) is poor, five (5) is excellent. That form was made available to players at each regular season event immediately and has continued ever since. 

The purpose of doing the evaluations is to give players the opportunity to offer facilities feedback that could serve to improve player satisfaction. The intended outcome of the feedback is to assist each facility clarify strengths and weaknesses. We want every facility on our schedule to have a successful tournament.

So, what happens with those feedback forms? To everyone's benefit at each facility, the responses are counted item by item and calculated into percentages. Each golf course receives a report of its results and an overview of the results from all the other facilities in the association. Each course also receives every individual form that includes a written comment by a player, even if it's only one "Excellent" word or two "Too windy". The outcome has proven to be a very successful feature of the TRGA. The golf courses truly care and look forward to receiving this valuable information from the players themselves. Everyone is benefitting from the evaluations.

Please help us all continue to gain from this valuable feature. Look for the forms in the scoring area at each tournament. Below is a report of the player responses from 2010 in which the emphasis is on the percentage of players at each event who completed the form:

Fox Hollow:  51%

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