More Tips on Becoming a Better Golfer

  1. Realize that golf is a game of feel, not mechanics. All the knowledge about the golf swing in the world won't help you if you can't feel what you want the club to do.

  2. Don't let anyone change your swing. A small tweak here or there is fine, in fact probably even necessary. Players on the PGA Tour have hundreds of different golf swings. There is no one perfect golf swing and that is why your swing which feels comfortable for you is just fine.

  3. Accept there are only TWO things you NEED to do in order to hit the ball straight and do it consistently. Forget about everything else bouncing around in your head, "Keep your head down", "don't do this", "remember to do that", etc. If you do these two things, nothing else matters.

  4. Square Clubface

    First, you MUST get the clubface square at impact. Your swing is your own, so how you get the clubface to this point is up to you. If you have a slice, force yourself to roll your hands over in order to close the clubface. If you have a hook, force yourself to keep your hands from rolling over to keep the clubface open.

  5. Hands ahead of the ball

    Second, your hands MUST be ahead of the ball when the clubface makes impact. This is important because it means you are hitting down on the ball. It seems contradictary to hit down on something that you want to go up. That is why the clubface is lofted. Trust it and let it do its job.

    Hitting down on the ball will drastically reduce your amout of "fat" and "thin" mishits.

  6. Remember that you are trying to FEEL these things, not overthink them. And, the more you relax and have fun the looser you will be and the easier it will come.

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