Margaret "Squib" Olsen

We all lost a great friend last week. Long-time TRGA Executive Director Margaret Olsen passed away, leaving behind hundreds of golfers and non-golfers who will never forget her incredible spirit. Squib took her infectious smile and inner warmth everywhere she went. She made everyone feel important and welcome. In her prime, Margaret was one of the best players ever to come out of our area. But she never really wanted to talk about her game. She wanted to talk about our games, no matter how many bad shots we happened to hit on TRGA tournament days. Rest in peace Squib.

Something that I've always respected about Squib was her passion for junior golfers. The love that she had for her "kids" was obvious and genuine. She gave them so much more than just the opportunity to play golf. Generations of young people are fortunate to have grown up having had the gift of Squib Olsen as a coach, mentor, role model and most importantly a friend. Truly one of a kind.

Steve Crogan

For 30 years, Margaret has been a friend. She has been a teacher, a gifted athlete, a leader and our previous TRGA executive director. She led our organization with passion, patience, fervor and kindness. She treated everyone with respect and a special sense of honor. She made a positive impact on many lives. I will remember her fondly and often and always with a smile on my face and in my heart.

Tom Desjarlais

Growing up in Galesville, I always heard about Squib's accomplishments in golf. When she came back home, Squib was always there with instruction or advice to make us all better golfers no matter what out skill level. Her smile and kindness made us feel good about our golf game. We will miss her!

Paul Williamson


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