Looking forward to some fun; how things might change

In these difficult times, it’s nice, on occasion, to look forward to something fun, like tournament golf. If/when the 2020 TRGA season starts, it will, by necessity, look a little different than it has in our first 24 years. Here’s how things might temporarily change.

  • Social Distancing: Players stay a minimum of six feet from everyone. All day. Follow safety guidelines.
  • Raised Holes: The hole liner is inserted 2 inches above the green surface. Any ball that hits the liner is considered holed. There is no reason to touch the flag stick. (3 footers are easy!) 
  • No Rakes:  All rakes are removed from bunkers.   Play mark, lift, clean and place in sand.
  • 30 Minutes Early:  Players arrive at course no earlier than 30 minutes prior to tee time.
  • No Range:  The practice range will be closed. (Stretch at home)
  • Practice Green Limits:  Only the “on deck” group will be allowed on practice green. That’s a maximum of 3 people at one time.
  • 1 Scorecard:  Only 1 scorecard per group.  Designated scorer drops off card after golf. No signatures required on card, only verbal verification. 
  • No Paper Exchanged:  Electronic access to rules and hole locations. 
  • Solo Carts:  Only 1 player allowed in each cart.
  • Conditioning:   Walking is encouraged.
  • Non-Stop Putting:  First player to putt, continues until ball is holed out.
  • Quick Exit:  Players leave property immediately after completing their round of golf.
  • No Playoffs: 1st-Place ties broken by scorecard playoff based on #1 handicap hole…etc.
  • No Awards Ceremony:   Flight results will be posted at www.trgagolf.com the night of event. Awards will be available at the golf course the following day. (subject of pro shop  days and hours of operation)
Stay Safe and Healthy

Jim Socha,
Executive Director

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