How to Become a Better Golfer

1. Becoming a decent golfer is something most amateurs can only dream about. Here are my tips to improve your game and have fun. The first step is to commit to a regimented routine of exercise and practice. When I first started playing, I was the most horrific golfer on the planet. But I made a commitment to myself to get better. And I started stretching and becoming more fit. There are many different types of stretching exercises that can help improve your flexibility and thus improve your swing. Consult your physician or a physical trainer for exercises that are good for you.

2. Start each day with the same exercise routine. After this spend at least 30 minutes swinging a golf club in front of a mirror. Try to develop good tempo and make sure that the fastest part of your swing is right before impact. Each swing should be completed so that the club and your hands end up behind your head.

3. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that expensive golf clubs will improve your game. There are some very good sets that sell for a few hundred dollars that are equal in quality to the more expensive sets. Go to your local golf shop and ask for a swing analysis and recommendation for clubs based on your budget. Most golf shop personnel are more than willing to help you find what works for you.

4. Develop a pre-shot routine that you are comfortable with and do not change it. I like to put my feet together and then take two swings to establish my balance. Then I move my feet apart and approach the ball. I usually pick a target about ten yards away and tell myself I am going to hit the ball in that direction.

5. Visit your local golf range at least twice a week. Even if you just buy a small bucket of balls this will get your body used to the routine of hitting the golf ball. Start with some stretching and then try to pick different targets for each club. Before long you will realize how far you can hit each club.

6. Never lift your left shoulder during the swing until you have hit the ball. This is essential to staying down on the ball and hitting it straight.

7.Never sway your hips during the swing. Keep your hips still during the backswing to the point that it feels like the only thing moving is your arms. Then when you reach the top of your backswing the hips and the back should be turned. Start the swing by starting the hands down and then letting the hips and back return to normal position. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN THROUGHOUT THE SWING. ONLY LOOK AT THE BALL AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED THE SWING.

8. Practice all parts of your game. Some people go the range and only hit their woods. this is a huge mistake since most of the shots on the golf course are putts and chips. Make sure you devote time to all these parts of your game every time you visit the range.

9. Play less difficult golf courses until you feel comfortable hitting the ball. The last thing you want to do is discourage yourself by playing courses where you are losing a lot of golf balls and missing fairways and greens.

10. Do not buy numerouse magazines, videos and gadgets that promise to change your game. While there are some good training videos out there, the best way to get better at golf is to practice and figure out what works best for you. No two people have the same golf swing. That is why you need to spend time figuring out what works for you. Even Tiger Woods said that if there is something unorthodox in your swing yet you hit the ball straight, then stay with it! You dont need to look like a pro to play decent golf.

11. My last tip is to avoid taking your game too seriously. While I am advocating becoming diligent about practicing, never get upset when you hit a poor shot. The game of golf is meant to be enjoyed, not raise your stress level. Go out with your family and talk and laugh and enjoy the great scenery that most courses have to offer. When it is your turn to hit your shot, get serious, focus on that shot only and then hit the ball. If it turns out good, be humble. If it turns out bad, then move on and try not to do that same thing again. Never curse or throw clubs or pout over a shot.

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