Dan Breeden is TRGA Sportsmanship Recipient

Congratulations to Dan Breeden, who has been named the 2020 Sportsmanship of the Year recipient.

"I initially met Dan during his first year of TRGA participation when we were paired together in an event, and I was immediately impressed with how cordial he was and how much he respected not only his fellow competitors,  but the integrity of the game itself.  Dan embodies all of the values of our fine TRGA organization as well as the great game of golf.  I feel he is very deserving of this recognition."

--Steve Crogan

"Can you imagine being blamed for bad weather or being thanked every time the weather is perfect?  That's what Dan Breeden deals with whenever he tees it up.  He deals with it constantly.  Nice guy, yes.  Friendly, yes.  Loves the game, yes.  Gives back to the game, yes.  There is no doubt that Dan is worthy and deserving of the TRGA Sportsmanship Award."

--Tom Desjarlais

"I've watched Dan play some good golf and occasionally some not-so-good golf.   He's the same guy no matter what the scorecard says.   He's approachable and friendly to everyone.   We are very fortunate and thankful that Dan is a TRGA member."

--Jim Socha

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