4th Annual TRGA Broken Cup

It's Almost Here!!

The long awaited 4th Annual Broken Cup will be held Saturday, August 28th at Drugan's Castle Mound.  The fun match play format for men's flighted divisions and women has become a popular unofficial event for players.  For 18 holes within each foursome, teammates play a partner best ball, plus individual matches against their opponents.  Each match is worth one point, so there are three points in play per foursome.  A 1/2-point each is awarded for ties.

Six flights (men's First through Fifth, plus the Women's division) are split by the committee into two teams.  Four players from each flight are represented.  They are selected from the current TRGA point standings, and then placed into their respective flights by index, based on predetermined parameters.  Handicaps are used and strokes given where applicable.

Players have the opportunity to play golf with people from other flights, enjoy a little lunch, a bit of razzing, and lots of laughs.  The Broken Cup is a relaxed change of pace as we approach the conclusion of our TRGA season.

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