Please take a few minutes and read this. 

Golf courses typically like rounds of golf to be played in four hours.  Hopefully, the following suggestions can help you keep up the pace! 

Before the Round

1. Read the local rules sheet. Find out what tees you will be using, any drop areas, hole location method, yardage marks and cart rules for the day.


On the First Tee & in the Fairway 

2. Get there in time to meet players, prepare scorecards, and identify golf balls. Make sure you have a ball mark, repair tool and plenty of extra tees. Tee off promptly on time.

3. Set the pace early in the round. If you start slow you stay slow. Never lose your position with the group ahead. Forget those behind you.

4. Carry an extra ball in your pocket in case of the need for a provisional ball.

5. Have an up-to-date rules book in your bag.

6. Play like there is bad weather in the forecast.

7. Watch other players' drives. Get a line on bad shots.

8. Play "ready golf" when possible.

9. If you are falling behind, immediately call it to the attention of your group. Don't let the gap get bigger.

10. Plan your shot while walking or riding to your ball. Get your yardage as quickly as possible.

11.  Always hit a provisional ball if there is any question that your ball is lost or out of bounds.

12. Know when it's your turn to play and be ready with your club selection.

13. Be efficient with your pre-shot routine. One practice swing should be enough!

14. Mark your scorecards at the next tee after every hole while another player in your group is teeing off.

15. When taking off or putting on your golf glove, do it in a timely manner before your turn to play.

16. Don't linger between nines. Do what you have to do quickly.

17. Don't get angry at rangers if they ask you to get into position. They are just doing their jobs.

18. Golf is an aerobic exercise if you walk briskly! Feel the burn.

19. Make the beverage cart be a quick stop. Don't chat up the attendant, but do leave a tip.


Around the Green

 20. Take the rake into the bunker with you so you can rake up promptly. Enter bunker on low end to avoid tougher raking job on steep faces, etc. Better yet, don't hit into bunkers and avoid all raking!

21. If a player flies the green from a greenside bunker, other players should putt while he or she is raking and getting to his or her ball.

22. Do your ball marking and cleaning as soon as possible.

23. Fix ball marks as soon as you get to the green.

24. Place your clubs or park your cart in a position near the path for the next hole. You don't want to be in the way of approaching shots as you quickly move to the next tee.

25. If you have extra clubs with you on the green, place them in an obvious place - such as on the removed flag stick so you won't forget them.

26. Read your line of putt while others are putting if it does not interfere.

27. Someone other than the last putter should put the flagstick back in the hole.

28. Right away ask if any player wants the flagstick attended.

29. Continue to putt short putts if not in someone's line.


Hints for Golf Cart Users

30. If you are using a cart, allow extra time before your warmup and tee time to prepare your golf equipment on the cart.

31. If you know where your ball is, go ahead and help find another player's ball if it could be lost. If it is close to your turn to play, make your shot first before helping.

32. After hitting a shot, hold onto the club you just used until you get to your next shot. You will save about 50 trips to the bag in 18 holes.

33. If your partner's ball is fairly close to your own ball - drop him or her off with the club at the ball, go to your ball and prepare for your own shot. Your partner can walk to the cart as you hit your ball.

34. If your ball is on the green and your partner is still left with a short approach or chip - drop him or her off with the club and putter. You can move the cart up to the green and get your putter while he or she hits onto the green.


After the Round

35. At the end of your round, be sure to move off the 18th green quickly. You can talk to your playing partners at the clubhouse.

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