10 Tips to Become a Better Player

When you are first starting to learn how to play golf, or even if you are a seasoned golfer, you will probably always be on the look out for golf tips. This is especially true if you have a problem area that you would like to improve upon, or if there is just something you can't quite seem to get right. Following are a few short tips that might help you the next time you are out on the golf course.

1. Balance is quite important when it comes to playing a good round of golf, especially when you are executing your golf swing. By keeping your knees bent, your weight will rest in the middle of your feet, thus keeping you balanced during your golf swing.

2. Another of the useful golf tips to remember is that you should not swing your golf club at 100 percent power. If you swing at 70 percent, you will keep your balance, which gives you enough distance for a good golf swing.

3. If you own one of the new drivers with 420 or 460 printed on the bottom, you will need to tee your ball higher to make sure you get it on the up swing.

4. When you have a short putt to make, it works best to keep the putter in line with the hole. To get really proficient at this, try practicing 1 foot putts.

5. In order to make a good pitch and run shot, think of hammering a tack into the ball. It will give you a solid hit.

6. One of the useful golf tips for winter play involves putting. If you are playing when the greens are dewy, you need to putt firm in order to make it to the hole.

7. Always remember to keep your golf grips clean so that you will have a good feel of the club.

8. When your ball lands on an un-even spot, don't swing too hard, as you are off balance already. Swinging too hard will make the situation worse.

9. For long putts, it works better to stand taller. You will have a better view of the hole.

10. A good thing to remember when putting, is to focus your thoughts more on the putt than your stroke.

The best of all the golf tips you will hear is to relax when you are out playing golf. Being nervous will only put you off your game. If you start to feel nervous or tighten up, try pushing your shoulders up to your ears and hold them there a few seconds. Then let them drop. This is a method of instant relaxation and will help your golf swing be a good one.

Tips courtesy of Article's Base.

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